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January 10, 2015 | 10:00pm venue site

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Let Slip
Tender Age
Seven Summers
Kids in Asia
Taste of Gold
Let Slip / The Train (Reprise)

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  • "Young Adult Fiction"

    $10.00 add to cart
    1. Labour Day
    2. The New Black
    3. The Editor
    4. Torch
    5. Young Adult Fiction
    6. Selfsame
    7. Witch Me Well
  • Let Slip | CD

    $10.00 add to cart
    Released August 2011
    1. Tender Age
    2. Seven Summers
    3. Sugar
    4. Kids in Asia
    5. Taste of Gold
    6. 25
    7. Let Slip / The Train
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    An mp3 player preloaded with the entire Mobley catalog, "Young Adult Fiction", "Let Slip" and "Cold War Cold" cd's, a t-shirt, a poster, and two buttons.
  • Cold War Cold | CD

    $10.00 add to cart
    Released March 2010
    1. Cold War Cold
    2. Hard Times
    3. Over Breakfast
    4. Ego is
    5. Everything that Rises Must Converge
    6. Siya's Theme
    7. M.A.D.
  • Combo #1


    A t-shirt, a poster, a pair of buttons, and a cd of your choosing.
  • Mobley MP3 player

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    A 2GB MP3/Video player, preloaded with the entire Mobley catalog plus free access to all new music released this year.
  • "Let Slip" Lyrics Poster

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    A 12x18 photographic poster printed with all of the lyrics from "Let Slip".
  • Mobley Buttons

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    A pair of Mobley buttons
  • 2/3 EP | CD

    $5.00 add to cart
    Released June 2008
    1. A Beautiful Mistake
    2. Time Will Tell
    3. Didn't Get It
    4. Carry On
    5. A Chorus (for the Silences)

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"Fresh off an autumn tour of the east coast, Mobley is hitting the road to promote their latest release, Young Adult Fiction. The album is a darker, moodier affair than their sunny 2011 release, Let Slip. Across seven tracks, the band explores themes of love and loneliness with a soul-baring lyrical directness. The songs range from the sensually minimalistic ('The New Black', 'Witch Me Well') to off-kilter bass/drum grooves ('The Editor', 'Young Adult Fiction') to hooky, self-assured dance pop ('Torch', 'Selfsame'). The release has received praise from the Austin Chronicle and Ovrld named it the #6 Best Austin Album of 2012, stating 'Mobley crafts a clear identity and sound that (are) shockingly original and totally irresistible'.

"With performances at South by Southwest and CMJ and nearly a hundred dates at venues across the midwest and east coast last year, they lit up stages with a fury that led the Houston Examiner to rave, 'even the most devout head-nodding hipster (would be) ashamed not to dance'. Charismatic frontman/songwriter Anthony Watkins II (who played everything except bass on the band's latest album) and utility man Tim Shelburne pass instruments back and forth on nearly every song as they give life to Mobley's distinct brand of danceable indie rock. The consummate showman, Watkins holds audiences at rapt attention until he, Shelburne, and drummer Alfredo Rios can whip them into a frenzy with their energetic, intricate, one-of-a-kind live show."

- J. Alan Best

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